The Telemachy

Official Telemachy Poster

The Telemachy

Feature Film 119 min – UK/Greek Production 2012

age +16

International competition program Feature Film/ Debut

The purpose of the film was to promote a positive side to Greece through its recent crisis, by honoring its beautiful culture, history and landscapes. The movie shares incredible visuals of the island of Skiathos, as well as areas of England. The film was also made by young filmmakers on a small budget, with the average age of 24.

 The Telemachy is a journey of self-discovery inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. It follows Telemachus (Patrick Fryer) an Anglo-Greek boy who runs away from home in order to find his true father Ilias (Constantine Markoulakis) on the Greek island of Skiathos. Throughout the film we encounter characters with overlaying themes that remind us that everyone has a story to tell. Also featuring Andrew Paul, Harvey Virdi and Lysette Antony.

Format: DCP

Camera: Red one Mysterium-X

Sound:5.1 Theatrical Surround.

Shot entirely on Red camera

Written & directed by Alexander Nally
Produced by Dimitra Gyftopoulou
DOP: Gabriel Loukeris


Official Selection of 53rd Thessaloniki Film Festival 2012

Nominated (Audience Award- 53rd TIFF)

Official Selection 10th Festival de Cine, Barcelona 2013

Alexander NallyAbout Alexander Nally

I am a young independent filmmaker who runs a small company “Matchbox Productions” set up as a platform to help new filmmakers. Aged 23, I produced my first feature film called “The Telemachy” which was inspired by Homer’s Odyssey. Before moving into film I studied classical history at university, this inspired my idea for the script.


SEE trailer:

“The Telemachy” – teaser trailer 2012

The Telemachy (Soundtrack)

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