autlook AUTLOOK filmsales

AUTLOOK is a full-service sales agent, handling festivals, TV-, theatrical, educational, DVD- and digital sales worldwide.

We select around 25 TV-documentaries a year and up to 6 docs with worldwide theatrical potential.

AUTLOOK attents all important theatrical markets (Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Pusan, Locarno, Sundance, Hong Kong, Rotterdam, etc.) and all Doc markets (IDFA, Hot Docs, Sheffield, Leipzig, Visions du Réel, MIPTV, MIPCOM etc.).

our festival sales YOUN JI


The Goethe-Institute Russia

We are glad to welcome the Goethe-Institute Russia among the BEFF-partners this year!

Environment protection and sustainable development belong to most discussed issues in the German society. Careful treatment of natural resources, successful process of garbage separation and recycling, continuous search for alternative energy sources as well as scientific research in the field of environment-friendly technologies and expertise in sustainable architecture are significant steps towards a harmonious coexistence of man and nature.

The Universal Film Magazine is a free magazine that delivers passionate and creative coverage to the global film and festival communitiesThe Magazine is sponsored by UFFO, the Universal Film and Festival Organization which was created to support and implement a good business code of practice for film festivals and the filmmaking community.  The Universal Film Magazine publication differs from the competition because it is totally free and is a unique crossover magazine that connects filmmakers and film festivals with the wider community.


seslogo The Finnish Film Foundation

supports and promotes the Finnish film industry by funding professional film production and the exhibition and distribution of films. The Foundation is also responsible for the cultural export of Finnish film and provides support for the international promotion of Finnish films.

govThe Ministry of Nature Management and Ecology

Karelia is the country of rocks, boulders and tens of thousands of lakes. Various, and frequently unique relief of Karelia reflects geological history of the region of the last 3,5 billion years. Most of Karelia’s territory is a rolling plain with strongly pronounced traces of a glacier. Wavy stone solid earth even now has some traces of ancient mountains. Karelia is often figuratively called a severe land of lakes and woods, emphasizing the leading elements of its landscape, unique combinations created by spaces of fantastic contours of a number of lakes and devided by rocky-subdued interfluves covered with taiga greens.

Karelian woods, rivers and lakes are of a very special role in preservation of biodiversity of the Northern Europe. More than 49% of the area of the republic is covered with forest (basic breeds are pines, furtrees, alders and aspens); fauna comprises brown bears, reindeers, elks, mountain hares, European beavers, Greenland seals (in the White sea); fish species include salmons, trouts, navagas, herrings, cods, flounders. Quarter the republic’s territory is watery surface. There are more than 61 thousand lakes and 27 thousand rivers in Karelia. The largest are the Ladoga lake (its area is 17,7 thousand square km) and the Onega lake (its area is 9,9 thousand square km). The largest rivers are Vodla (400 km), Vyg, Kovda, Kem, Suna, Shuya. The total length of the river net is about 83 thousand km.

PetrozaovdskPetrozavodsk City Administration

Petrozavodsk is located in Northwestern District of the Russian Federation. It is one of the most rapidly developing cities of the region partly due to its geographical and geopolitical position.

Proximity of Petrozavodsk to the two capitals of Russia is also an advantage as Moscow is just 1091 km away, and St. Peterburg — 412 km. The region has motorway, railroad, air and waterway connections with other Russian territories. The motorway Murmansk — St. Petersburg — Moscow cuts across the capital of Karelia.

лого_парка Vodlozersky National Park

was established by decree of the government of the Russian Federation in 1991 to preserve the unique natural environment and cultural heritage of the Vodlozero area, to carry out scientific research, organize ecological education and tourism.

Park became the first protected object of such level on the European North of Russia. The Vodlozero national park is situated in the Republic of Karelia and Archangel District covering an area of close to half a million hectares. In 2001 by decree of UNESCO Park received a status of biosphere reserve, first in the system of national parks of Russia. The park is a federal nature-conservative, scientific and ecology educational establishment, which has a staff of trained specialists, experts and rangers who are ready to serve visitors. The administrative center of the Park is located in Petrozavodsk.

There are four visitor centers in Vodlozersky park. The biggest one is Petrozavodsk, every year thousands of guests of Karelia republic are visiting it. Three others are situated on the territory of the park.


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