• International youth club “Solveig” was created on the base of Karelian-Norwegian society in 1998.

The aim of the club is to organize international youth cooperation: realization of transboundary projects, which are made for youth; organization of cultural, educational, ecological, and journalistic international events and festivals.

Nowadays the club consists of 120 members in Russia and 70 members in foreign countries.

The club works in 7 directions: international (meetings and communication with foreigners, travels, education abroad); cultural (representing of Karelian and Russian culture for foreigners, organization of festivals); international journalism (education, practice and internships in foreign mass-media); ecological (ecological actions, projects related to environment); human rights (publications, international conferences, defense of youth rights); indigenous people (preservation of culture and traditions, seminars, theatre); youth enterprise and tourism (educational tourism).

During the past 14 years long-lasting partner cooperation with Norwegian, Finnish, and Swedish youth organizations has been established. The club assists in reception of youth groups coming to Karelia and represents Karelian and Russian culture abroad.



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