David Fedele

Competition program: Short

Documentary film 20 min – , Production  Australia / Ghana 2012

age 0+

IMG_0933_2Short synopsis: Have you ever wondered what happens to your electronics at the end of their life?

Almost 50 million tonnes of e-waste (electronic waste) are generated worldwide every year. A large volume of second-hand and condemned electronic goods arrive in developing countries from the “developed” world, with a significant quantity arriving as e-waste, exported illegally as “second hand goods”.

Without dialogue or narration, E-WASTELAND presents a visual portrait of unregulated e-waste recycling in Ghana, West Africa, where electronics are not seen for what they once were, but rather for what they have become.

Film Director: David Fedele

David FedeleAbout the director:

David Fedele is an award-winning documentary filmmaker from Australia.

David’s films cover a wide range of issues, from logging in Papua New Guinea to electronic waste in Ghana. He is particularly interested in exploring cultural, environmental, humanitarian and social justice issues.

David generally works as a one-man filmmaker – directing, producing, shooting and editing his own films. His work has been broadcast and screened widely, winning numerous awards on the International Film Festival circuit.


– Winner “SPECIAL PRIZE OF THE JURY”, Matsalu Nature Film Festival (Estonia)

– Winner “BIG IMPACT, LOW BUDGET”, Wildlife Vaasa Nature Film Festival (Finland)


e-wasteland – Trailer from David Fedele on Vimeo.


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