From film festivals management in Tromsø to EkoFilmArt in Petrozavodsk

Acquaintance with management of festivals of documentary cinema of Northern countries became the theme of the week long training of the Russian experts in Norway and Finland within the limits of the project «Management of film festivals» financed by Ministerial council of Northern countries. 13 representatives of film festivals of the Northwest of Russia from St.-Petersburg, Murmansk, Kaliningrad, Arkhangelsk and Petrozavodsk took part in the trip from January, 18th till January, 28th.

The International festival “Polar Lights” (Murmansk) became the initiator of training. A substantial part of the program was developed by the Northern partners of the project, the international film festivals TIFF (Tromsø International Film Festival, Norway) and Midnight Sun Film Festival, (Finland). In Tromsø the participants were offered an intensive program including training seminars, visiting of film sessions and actions of International film festival TIFF which took place already for the 22nd time.

The festival Grand prix was awarded to the Russian film “Elena” by Andrey Zvyagintsev who also came to Tromsø. The city kept the atmosphere of a general holiday in natural scenery of snowfall, ice and extraordinary polar lights. Participants appreciated the high level of the organization and the competent team of the film festival. There were new film productions including Russian ones not yet seen by Russian spectators, for example, “Faust” by Alexander Sokurov.

Then training proceeded in Helsinki (Finland) where these days there took place the festival of documentary films DocPoint. It allowed participants to get acquainted with the features of the organization and carrying out similar film festivals in Finland. The Finnish partner of the project – the International film festival MidnightSunFilmFestival – organized lectures on the given theme. The participants familiarized with “secret” work of the founders of festivals and could also exchange experience and contacts with representatives of the film industry and to carry on negotiations.

The experience received during the training, will be already used in the spring of this year. In April in Petrozavodsk the new project Barents the Ecological Film Festival starts. Its purpose is to format ecological thinking through new technologies in movie picture arts, to attract attention to an ecological way of life, to city problems and achievements in this sphere. Among the festival partners are Nordic Ungdom Film Festival (Norway), MidnightSunFilmFestival (Finland), Youth League of the Swedish Norden Association (Sweden), The Northern Wave International Film Festival (Iceland), and also the Moscow film festival. EcoCup and Murmansk festival «Northern character».

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